Convert and Transfer iTunes Movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Note 3 recently, the second sequel in a series of supersized stylus-smitten smartphones, which is even taller, narrower and thinner than the first two of its kind. Though the phablet has been upgraded, it’s still not compatible with iTunes movies in M4V format due to DRM protection. Then what shall you do if you really want to convert and transfer iTunes movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for playing? Don’t worry.  iTunes to Galaxy Note 3 Converter will help you convert and transfer iTunes movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 3, so you can watch iTunes movies on Galaxy Note 3 wherever you want.

iTunes to Galaxy Note 3 Converter can remove DRM protection from iTunes purchased or rented movies and convert iTunes M4V to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 supported MP4 or WMV format. After conversion, you can transfer iTunes movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 easily. What’s more, it allows you to customize parameter settings for output profiles like video size, bit rate, etc. You can produce customized videos for your Galaxy Note 3. You can also extract audio from iTunes M4V movies so as to play the music on your Galaxy Note 3.

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How to Convert and Transfer iTunes Movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

With intuitive interface, self-explanatory options, you can handle iTunes to Galaxy Note 3 Converter at the first sight. Thanks to batch Conversion, you can save your time by create a batch list of M4V movies from iTunes’ library, and convert them all to selected formats.

Besides Galaxy Note 3, Aovsoft iTunes to Galaxy Note 3 converter provides other output profiles for Samsung Galaxy Series such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4. Now, follow the four steps as below to convert and transfer iTunes movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Feel free to enjoy iTunes movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

1. Click “Add” button to add iTunes purchased or rented movies;

Convert iTunes movies and msuic to Galaxy Note 3

2. Click “Video files to” button and choose “Customized MP4” format;

3. Click “Start” button to remove the DRM protection and convert iTunes movies to Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

What’s new in Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Stylish Leather Back Cover. The first thing that catches your attention with the Note 3 is a stylish leather back cover. The back cover (still removable) eschews the previous-gen’s glossy plastic and replaces it with a matte leather finish, with stitching around the borders to complete the skeuomorphic fashion. This makes holding and gripping the sizable device an easier task than it was with the Note 2.

386 ppi Pixel Density, 13 Mp Rear and 2 Mp Front-facing Camera. The Note 3 now has a 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.7 inch display which works out at a pixel density of 386 ppi- plenty more than the first two Notes, which both pulled in less than 300. It’s noticeably brighter than its predecessor and offers great views from almost any angle. Besides, the Galaxy Note 3’s rear-facing camera has been upgraded to 13 Mp from 8 Mp, the front-facing has a hefty extra 0.1 Mp now too, making it a solid 2 Mp in total.

Narrower, Thinner, Taller and Lighter. Measuring 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3mm, the overall shape and appearance has smartened up since the Note 2, with the Galaxy Note 3 sporting a more sophisticated and boxy silhouette in our view. The new device is 1.3mm narrower than the second Note (3.8mm narrower than the first), as well as 1.1mm thinner and 0.1mm taller. It weighs 168 grams, 12g lighter than its father.

3,200mAh Removable Battery. Of course with all this tech on board Samsung have unsurprisingly seen fit to up the battery to 3,200mAh over the 3,100mAh found on the Galaxy Note 2. The best thing for the removable battery is that you can change the Samsung’s battery if it degrades instead of changing the phone or sending it to be repaired.

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