How to convert MXF to MOV on Mac?

This article mainly concerns how to convert MXF video to MOV format with shortest time and best preserved HD quality on Mac. By assistance of versatile MXF to MOV converter software, you can freely convert video from Canon, Sony, Panasonic MXF to MOV format. Moreover, you can even get enhanced video quality in extraordinarily short time.

MXF to MOV ConverterUnderstanding of MXF and MOV format

You might just purchase an MXF Camcorder like Sony PMW100, Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 or Canon XF300 and shot some MXF video with AVCHD file extension. MXF is the new high definition video format for HD camcorder recording and playback, which stands for Advanced Video Codec High Definition and is jointly developed by Sony and Panasonic. Though some brands of HD camcorder also employ MPEG-2, they are not as popular as MXF video anyway. Then, you’d better prepare a MXF converter software.

MOV, filename extension for the QuickTime multimedia file format. In the x86 assembly language, the MOV instruction is a mnemonic for the copying of data from one location to another. The x86 assembly language has a number of different move instructions. Depending on whether the program is in a 16-bit or 32-bit code segment (in protected mode) and whether an override instruction prefix is used, a MOV instruction may transfer 8-bits, 16-bits, or 32-bits of data (or 64-bits in x86-64 mode). Data may be copied to and from memory and registers.

The Advantages of Convert MXF to MOV format:

1. Convert MXF to MOV with proper parameter settings, you are allowed to play MXF video on iPhone, play MXF video on iPad, iPod (iTouch), Zune, Xbox and other portable devices. Since H.264 technology has been developed to provide DVD quality audio and pictures in an extremely small file size.

The Apple Corporation themselves describes MOV as “the global multimedia standard, delivering professional-quality audio and video streams over a wide range of bandwidths, from cell phone to broadband and beyond”.

2. Convert MXF video to MOV format, you can not only find much more supported media players (comparing with MXF Player), but also have a wilder range of video editor software options (we know MXF editors are always expensive and high-end computer required).

3. After convert MXF to MOV format, you can easily play your MXF recordings on Windows PC or play MXF video on Mac (MOV format video is friendly to both Windows Media Player and Mac QuickTime Player).

MXF to MOV Converter

How to Convert MXF to MOV with Fastest MXF to MOV Converter?

MXF to MOV Converter fully supports Multi-core CPU (i3, i5, i7), and armed with Hyper Threading Technology (Converting MXF to MOV by multi threads at the same time, speed up the conversion timely). That is why MXF  to MOV converter program can be the fastest solution in the current market.

Step 1: Load your target MXF video into this MXF to MOV converter by clicking “Add File” button. Or you can directly drag your MXF footage into the Instruction Panel to import.

Step 2: Choose “Format” as category and “H.264 HD MP4” as sub-category. Under “HD Video” table, you can convert MXF to HD MOV format to preserve better quality.

Convert MXF to H.264 MOV on Mac

Step 3: Set the output folder by clicking “Browse” Button.

Step 4: “Start” the MXF to MOV conversion on Mac.

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